Rat-Man T-Shirt (available in S, M, L, XL sizes)
Rat-Man: The Series is a sketch comedy web series inspired by Marvel and DC comic book superheroes such as Spider-Man and Batman, but with a darkly funny twist.  Whereas Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are part of the 1%, Rat-Man is without a doubt one of the 99%.  Each episode chronicles Rat-Man's offbeat adventures as he charges people money for saving them.

8/18/12 - Our latest episode, "Rat-Man vs. the Mob!", is now online.  Check it out below.  And remember, during these hot summer months, if you feel the need to drink alcohol outside during the day, be sure to take a couple of aspirins before you get started.  No one wants a headache ruining a good buzz.

7/14/12 - We just shot two more episodes.  A third one will be shot the by the end of this month.  After that, we'll be shooting an episode in Las Vegas.  More word on that in the coming weeks.